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What happens in a session?

If you are wondering what happens in a therapy session, the outline below will give you some idea.  However, there can be flexibility to suit your individual needs so please feel free to discuss any of the elements with me.

How long is a session?


I offer 50 minutes sessions to individual clients.  For relationship counselling where more than one client is present you might consider a longer sessions would be beneficial, allowing each person sufficient time to be heard.  This is something we would agree before our first session.

Where will the session be held?

Sessions can be conducted via phone, on Zoom or in person. I hold face to face sessions in Laleham and Weybridge. I also conduct phone and Zoom sessions from a private office space for clients who prefer to have remote sessions.

Is it better to meet in person?

This is a matter of personal choice for each individual client. 

It is my belief that the nature of the client therapist relationship is the most important element and this can be achieved equally well in person or via telephone or Zoom. I have extensive experience working remotely and hold an ACTO certificate in Online and Telephone counselling.

How will it help me?

Many clients come to therapy feeling a little lost, they describe not knowing where they are going or perhaps not recognising who they've become.

draw on a range of approaches and theories and use skills from counselling, NLP, life coaching and hypnotherapy to help clients identify the incongruence in their life.  With busy lives it is easy to function on autopilot and clients may not understand how they got to the place they are in. A good therapeutic relationship provides a safe space to explore some of the feelings a client may have repressed, or to understand the reasons behind behaviours that no are not longer beneficial.

How many sessions do I need?

This is a difficult question to answer as everyone's situation is different.  Clients looking for coaching or hypnotherapy for a specific goal, may only require a handful of sessions.  However, clients who have experienced trauma or wish to address more persistent difficulties in their life could require longer term psychotherapeutic counselling.  We would talk about your own goals for therapy and I would hope to guide you to achieving those outcomes.

How often will I see you?

Again this will depend on you.  However, it is recommended that sessions are weekly, at least initially.  For the benefit of continuity I can offer regular slots, however for clients who need to work around other commitments I can offer a more flexible arrangement.  There is also the option to switch between face-to-face and remote as needed to suit your needs.

How much will it cost?

Sessions are charged from £65, depending on appointment time and location, this will be agreed during our initial consultation.  Couples sessions are £80.


Whilst I do accept cash from clients attending in person, most prefer to pay by bank transfer and I would ask that payment is made prior to each session.


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